Learn to thrive in a world with unwritten rules…before now!

The Corporate Life Survival Guide is a detailed how-to book on mastering office politics. With chapters on workplace life, situations to avoid, and achieving a work/life balance, it draws on the author’s quarter century of experience as an employee, contractor, and consultant. Insightful guidance and illustrative anecdotes will help you understand important missteps, the consequences, and how to prevent them. Always practical, the book will quickly improve the savvy of workers who are new to office life, making a successful career easier to achieve.

Learn how to assess a job’s suitability, skillfully ask management about sensitive subjects, and position yourself for a successful future. Understand and manage the role of appearances, social outings, and the physical environment you inherit. Consistently sidestep not-so-innocent issues that can ruin your relationships and job.

Written for those new to the business world or wanting to improve their careers, The Corporate Life Survival Guide is your first step toward a heavenly future.

Work better, sooner.

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Release Date: August 3, 2021

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