Adventures in Opposite Land (The Memoir Shorts, #1)

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But what if everyone is bonkers?

In his memoir, Adventures in Opposite Land, Randy Zinn’s expectations meet reality in this series of humorous and startling true stories. From a naïve young dude to a man of the world, he faces life’s challenges with a mixture of amazement, despair, and hope. Hanging in the balance is the answer to one of life’s great mysteries – if everyone around us is daft, are we supposed to go nuts, too?

Whether dating, on vacation, at jobs, or at home, follow Zinn as he navigates a world that can surprise us at every turn. Where hard work gets us fired. Being a gentleman means we’re a creep. And putting in a good faith effort has someone out to destroy us in revenge. It all begs the question – did someone lie to us growing up, or were we supposed to know they were kidding?

Knowing when to laugh or cry may mean the difference between triumph and the asylum. Follow Zinn’s journey as he ponders whether being a good person is part of the problem or the solution to all of life’s troubles.

Release Date: May 18, 2021

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