The corporate world can be full of surprises, not all of them pleasant. Some can be downright nefarious and cost you a gig and more. Why hope for the best, or that someone on the job will help you navigate this world, when you can get solid advice about all phases of employment? From job hunting, to on-the-job troubles, and to how to leave on your terms, this book will help you find more heaven than hell in the complex world of Corporate Business.

Taken from his forthcoming book, The Corporate Hell Survival Guide, Randy Zinn dispenses his tips and wisdom from over two decades of experience. He covers everything from how to goof around and get away with it, threats to your job, deadly sins and innocent mistakes, perception and appearance problems, and more. The pros and cons of employment, contracting, and consulting are all touched upon.

Compiled for those new to the field, just starting, or early in their careers, Tips on Surviving Corporate Hell is a quick primer and useful reference guide of what’s in store for the uninitiated. Why pay the price for your ignorance when you can reap the benefits of your knowledge instead?

Release Date: September 22, 2020

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