I write about a number of subjects that have affected me – and maybe you:

Corporate Hell

I’ve worked as a software developer in the corporate world for over fifteen years, encountering an amazing array of awful behaviors I blog about. I include tips on navigating this challenging world.

Speech Problems

From third grade through my twenties, I had speech problems that largely ruined my life, so I blog about what life is like to live this way and steps I took to overcome this and get on with my life.

Being Learning Disabled

I was born Learning Disabled and suffered the consequences in grade school until finally getting help that turned me around. Here you’ll find my stories, advice, and info you might be able to relate to.

Psychology and Philosophy

As a result of personal troubles long ago, I’m an amateur shrink and philosopher so I discuss some of my theories, which were developed to help me understand the behavior of those around me.


From the ages of nineteen to twenty-four, I was suicidal after a mental breakdown and have a lot to say about how I was treated and what I endured, because awareness is part of how we can change what people go through.


I’ve had tendonitis in both arms since 1996. It literally destroyed my life, leaving me temporarily crippled until I found alternate means to get by.  I was surprised by its affect on my life, but you don’t have to be.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

I’ve dealt with ADD every day of my life and have a few observations about what it’s like to deal with.

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