Tips on Corporate Events

Tip #1: “Always Attend Onsite Events”

Always attend any corporate event by your company, or the client if you’re there, taking place where you work. Skipping it looks anti-social and casts us in a bad light. You don’t have to stay for the whole thing, as you can arrive late, though leaving early is better, and it’s actually better to not stay for every last second because it looks like you’d rather be socializing than working!

Tip #2: “Assume You’re Paying”

Sometimes we get taken to lunch during our first week. Always assume that you’re paying your way because it sometimes sounds like it’s on them when it’s actually not. It can be hard to tell. Discreetly reach for your wallet when the check comes and let them wave you off, then say thanks. It’s less awkward than the reverse.

Tip #3: “It’s Not About the Coffee”

Some coworkers are fond of going to get coffee together and may invite you. Don’t turn down this invite until you’ve accepted several times first, even if you don’t drink the stuff. It’s not about the coffee. It’s about being social. Get a snack or water if you have to, but go. If you refuse from the start, the invites for this and other things will stop. You are rejecting them. Not wise.