Tips About How to Make More Money

Tip #1: “Avoid Admitting What You Make”

It’s not a future employer’s business what you’re making now or previously. What matters is that skillset, experience and market conditions have you seeking an appropriate amount. Leave that part of a job application blank. If asked, respond with what you’re seeking as if you didn’t hear the question accurately. Most will take the hint. Few will persist. If they do, change the subject.

Tip #2: “Frequent Job Change Can Add Up”

One of the best ways to quickly raise your salary is changing jobs often, such as every 6-24 months. The reason is that companies sometimes give no annual raise at all or the standard 3-5%. But when we change jobs, we can ask for quite a bit more, sometimes a lot more, and get it, especially if we’ve picked up skills or certifications.

Tip #3: “Frequently Changing Jobs Can Cost You”

If you’re a job hopper, this can cost you. The biggest problem is retirement accounts. Many companies won’t let you start contributing to a 401k for 3-12 months. If they do employer matching, you won’t get to keep any of it if you leave too soon (typically under a year), and there’s often a rising scale where you keep another 20% for each year you remain employed by them. Leave and you’re literally leaving money behind.