Tips on Your Work Environment

Tip #1: “Less is More”

Avoid making your work area a shrine to all things personal, with every last wall or desk space covered in

paraphernalia. A few choice items just looks better than every last surface covered in something (italics) non-work related. It is tacky, too “busy,” and an eyesore. People will judge you. You’re also almost certainly in the minority with this and while it’s a trivial mistake, there are better ways to stand out – in a good way.

Tip #2: “Avoid the Speakerphone at Your Desk”

No one in recorded history has ever wished they could hear both sides of a work phone call that has nothing to do with them. Many consider it selfish, distracting, and counterproductive to their own needs. Few things are as annoying. Hearing one side is a necessary evil, but hearing everyone on the other end, too? Don’t subject coworkers to it, especially repeatedly. Trust me, you are getting nasty looks.

Tip #3: “Cubicles Are Great”

It’s tempting to criticize the cubicle because we’d all love an office, but the cube is far better than the open floor plan or a shared table. Not all cubes are created equal. Some have very short walls, are too small, or are situated outside meetings rooms or at busy intersections, where people often decide to hold impromptu meetings we’re forced to listen to. But it could be worse; instead of this being occasional, the open floor plan or shared table makes it a 40-hour week hell. Be glad for what you’ve got.