Trilogy Cover Done

I somehow forgot to order the cover for A Silence Not So Golden when I had the three individual books done earlier this year, but this problem is resolved. I think I like it the best! It captures a metaphor about the 20-year period covered – of me being walled off from other people by my silence, which had many sources. And it was finally over, the wall coming down and me getting on with my life.

The subtitle is “A Transformation Memoir Trilogy.”

I wrote this as a single book back in 2010-2012 but it needs to be split into three, with each given its proper due. I was short changing the stories for length but will fix that. I intend to resume work on them this fall, now that The Corporate Hell Survival Guide is done. This summer, I am writing two other books, Corporate Hell: A Memoir (I’m already half done) and Consulting Hell: A Memoir.